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Wellen Tech develops and manufactures standard and custom thermoelectric modules, assemblies, and liquid cooling systems for medical, telecom, industrial, consumer and transportation applications.


Thermoelectric Assemblies offer cooling solutions that enable analytical equipments to meet thermal challenges with advanced temperature, humidity and moisture control, such as centrifuges, incubator chambers, liquid chromatography, DNA amplification.



Wellen Tech offers both solid-state thermoelectric and liquid cooling solutions for iindustrial equipments such as Machine Vision, industrial lasers, liquid chromatography, CMOS Sensors and semiconductor fabrication. The cooling capacity can vary from a couple of hundred Watts to hundreds of Kilowatts with required temperature control ranges from -80°„C to +150°„C.



Themoelectric modules and assemblies can be also used for telecom, such as enclosure cooling, base station battery cooling.



Advancements in transportation technology require continued innovations in thermal management solutions, the application including: autonomous systems, digital light processors, imaging sensors, X-Ray inspection systems.



Compared to standard compressor-based solutions, WellenTech°Į thermoelectric coolers and thermoelectric assemblies (TEAs) offer dependability, design flexibility via vertical integration capabilities, and an overall lower cost of ownership in commercial applications like beverage cooling and water purifier systems.

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