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>> Thermoelectric modules
----- TEC 127 Series Modules
----- TES Modules
----- Multi-stage Modules
----- Micro Modules
----- TEC Other Modules
----- Customized Modules
>> Thermoelectric Assemblies
----- Air to Air Series
----- Air to Plate Series
----- Air to Liquid Series
----- Liquid to Liquid Series
>> Power Generation Modules
>> Thermoelectric Materials
>> Accessories
---- Water plates
---- Heat Pipes
---- Fans
---- Heat Sinks
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news & events
ICT/ACT 2019
The 38th International Conference Thermoelectriccs,
The 4th Asian Conference Thermoelectrics.
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17th European Conference on Thermoelectrics. Limassol (CYPRUS), Sept. 23-25, 2019
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Welcome to Wellen Techonology Co.,Ltd.

Wellen Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of thermoelectric products. Our main products include: thermoelectric modules, thermoelectric cooling assemblies, thermoelectric materials and other related application products.

WellenTech focuses on the research and manufacturing of high quality thermoelectric ingots, modules and assemblies for cooling and converting heat into electricity. The company is awarded the quality management system ISO9000-2000. Good quality, high standards of performance and attractive costs help WellenTech receive a good reputation in thermoelectric field. >> more
tec modules TES modules multi-stage modules
TECs are standard single-stage thermoeletric modules.
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TES modules are standard single-stage modules in some small size. >> more
Multi-stage modules are designed to provide higher temperature >> more
micro modules thermoelectric modules peltier module
Micro modules are designed for very limited space cooling request. >> more
TEC others modules are the are desinged for some special application. >> more
Custmized modules are desinged according to customer's requirement.
>> more
thermoelectric modules peltier assemblies thermoelectric cooling system
Air to Air thermoelectric assemblies are coolers that have both heatsink and fans at each side. >> more
Air to Plate assemblies are designed with cold plate at the cold side. >> more
Air to Liquid assemblies are coolers that desiged for liquid cooling application. >> more
peltier coolers thermoelectric materials heat pipe
Liquid to liquid thermoelectric assemlies have liquid cooling or heating systems at each side. >> more
Wellen Tech can provide thermoeletric materials in different specifcations. >> more
Wellen Tech can provide a variety of heat pipes and heat pipe assemlies. >> more
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