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Water Plates
water plate   water chiller   water plates
Part No. WS-454510
Dimension 45*45*10 mm
Material Aluminium
Part No. WS-606010
Dimension 60*60*10 mm
Material Aluminium
Part No. WS-707010
Dimension 70*70*10 mm
Material Aluminium
water plates   water plate   water plates
Part No. WS-808010
Dimension 80*80*10 mm
Material Aluminium
Part No. WS-909010
Dimension 90*90*10 mm
Material Aluminium
Part No. WR-1005010
Dimension 100*50*10 mm
Material Aluminium
water plates   water plate   water plate
Part No. WR-1207016
Dimension 120*70*16 mm
Material Aluminium
Part No. WR-1207017
Dimension 120*70*17 mm
Material Aluminium
Part No. WR-1407020
Dimension 140*70*20 mm
Material Aluminium
water plate      
Part No. WR-19010020
Dimension 190*100*20mm
Material Aluminium
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