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Refrigeration installation method for peltier modules are generally three types: welding, glueing, bolts fixed compression. In production the specific kind installed, according to the requirements of products to determine, in general for the installation of three, First, should use anhydrous alcohol, cotton, the device will freeze ends scrub clean, Thermal storage fins and the plate should be installed surface, and surface flatness of not more than 0.03 mm, and clean, The following is the installation of three of the operation of the process.

1,Welding. Welding method of installation requirements cooling device to the outer surface of the metal, Chu fins and Thermal plate must also be able to solder on (eg : the copper fins or Thermal Reserve board) storage installation at the first cold plate, Thermal plates, cooling device for heating, (temperature and the melting point of solder almost) in the surface are melting the installation of about 70 C-- 110 C for the low-temperature solder 0 .1 mm. Then refrigerate device to heat up and cooling installation of the plate, cooling device of cold storage fins and the installation of parallel contacts and rotary extrusion, Face to ensure good contact after cooling, the installation method is more complex and difficult to repair, in the more general application of special occasions.

2, Glueing. Bonding method of installation is a good thermal conductivity with the binder, uniform coating in cooling device, Chu cold plate, Thermal plates installed surface. And the thickness of the adhesive 0.03 mm, will be cooler surface temperature storage and cold plate, Thermal plate parallel to the installation of extrusion, and gently rotating the return to ensure that the contact surface of good contacts, ventilation and placed a 24-hour curing. The installation method in general application to put a permanent freeze to fix the cooling plate fins or storage areas.

3, Compression fixed studs. Stud fixed compression method is the installation of cooling device, Chu cold plate, Thermal plate installation of the uniform colors of the thin layer of silicone grease thermal conductivity, thickness of approximately 0.03 mm. Then the thermal cooling device surface and the installation of cooling panels face, the cooling device and cold storage fins and the installation of parallel contacts, lightly and refrigerate for both rotary extrusion excessive heat conduction Grease, we must ensure that the face of good contacts, Thermal screw will reuse boards, refrigeration receiver, fins between fastening, fastening when forced to be uniform and not excessive or inadequate, Yi crushing weight of the cooling device, the light is not easily face contact. The installation is simple, rapid and easy maintenance, high reliability, which is the application of the product of a maximum of installation method. Installation of the above three methods in order to achieve the best cooling effect. Chu plate fins and Thermal insulation materials between the application filled, fixed screws washers use insulation to reduce alternating hot and cold, Thermal storage fins and the plate size depends on the cooling method and cooling power or small, depending on the application of the decision. The following diagram is a compression method for the installation of fixed reference by users.

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